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Function 3HREE


Why I Love It:

I have been using plant based protein for years now; and the truth is most of them just don't taste very good. I love making recipes and new creations; and Function 3HREE is the perfect protein for me. It is all plant based, all natural, and mixes perfectly. I never get any gas or upset stomach either - which is a huge plus.

Why I Love It:

If you're like me then you don't want to commit to a whole tub of something you've never tried - that is why I love the sample kit! Try this if you want to get a taste for all the function flavors before you buy a tub!

I am a self-taught, passion filled, plant-based advocate. I was born in New York City and lived in Cincinnati, Ohio from the age of nine where I attended a performing arts school for 8 years. I have partnered with Function Supplements because they represent everything I believe in – and they have real plant based products that I consider to be perfect for the holistic lifestyle I teach and talk about every day.